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Magnesium Oil Side Effects - Know it & Be Safe


Although the chances of having severe Magnesium Oil Side Effects are quite low, one is always wise to do research before starting any health supplement.

It is always best to know in advance what the potential side effects are so you can deal with them immediately should they arise.

Despite the various side effects that could happen from overdosing in rare situations and other reasons, magnesium oil is still one of most essential minerals for the body.

It is partially due to this reason why it is so abundant in the body.

The health benefits of magnesium are many. However, in the modern diet of processed foods and conventional crops raised in mineral depleted soils, most people do not get enough magnesium.

Because of this many health conscious people have turned to magnesium supplements to ensure they get enough.


Magnesium Oil Dosage

Off course like any other nutritional supplement it is very important to know what the proper dosage are.

The proper dosage varies for different types of people with different amounts of nutritional needs.

 The Office of Dietary Supplements (ODS), a division of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), advises that men under 30 years of age should get around 400 mg of magnesium per day and women under 30 years of age should get around 310 mg per day.

Over the age of 30, the body needs a bit more magnesium since absorption goes down.

For men over 30, the ODS recommends 420 mg of magnesium per day and for women over 30, the ODS recommends 320 mg of magnesium per day.


At times it is difficult to attain the recommended daily amount thereby calling for its supplementation.

Oral & Direct Application on Skin

Magnesium oil can be supplemented in the body orally or through direct application on the skin.

The best form of magnesium to take through the skin is magnesium oil.

This is actually not an oil but really water that is very highly saturated with magnesium chloride.

It does feel oily to the touch as you apply it but because it is actually not an oil, there is no oily residue and it is absorbed very efficiently.

Direct application on the skin is much more effective and the absorption rate is much higher than taking it as a supplement orally.

Food Supplements

Foods such as green leafy vegetables and fish are relatively high in magnesium. However, it is still difficult to get enough magnesium through food alone.

For this reason, many resort to taking oral supplements but as we mentioned earlier the absorption is not as good as taking magnesium through the skin.

Magnesium Oil Deficiency

A number of side effects have been identified as being occasioned by inadequate amount of magnesium oil.

These include: While natural sources are a hundred percent safe the magnesium oil supplement on the other hand have since been confirmed to cause some minor side effects.

Magnesium Oil Side Effects

The following are some side effects that are experienced in rare occasions in relation to using magnesium oil.

Burning Sensation

The most common side effect from the topical application of magnesium oil is a burning sensation on the skin.

The effect can be almost too much to bear for people with sensitive skin.

In these cases, magnesium oil is usually diluted with equal parts of water to make a weaker solution so it is easier for sensitive skin to handle without any irritations.

Skin Rash and Itching

Other skin irritations are the second most common side effect of applying magnesium oil directly to the skin. These include itchy skin and rashes.

In the more severe cases, rashes can become extensive and last for several days after the topical application of the magnesium oil has stopped.

Abdominal Cramp and Diarrhea

Another relatively common side effect of external use of magnesium oil is loose stools.

In the more severe cases, this can lead to acute diarrhea and even abdominal cramping.

This is a definite sign that you are absorbing too much magnesium and you should cut back on the amount you use if this happens.

Moreover, you should probably discontinue use for a few days until your system gets back to normal.

Prescription Drugs Interactions

Magnesium that enters the blood stream through the application of magnesium oil can also interact with prescription drugs in undesirable ways.

This is true for a wide class of prescription drugs so you should talk with your doctor about any potential magnesium oil side effects.

Other Side Effects

There are several other potential side effects from the topical application of magnesium oil on the skin, although they are far less common than those listed above.

Nonetheless, it is important to be aware of them as they are more serious.

Here is a list: The elderly and those with any type of kidney failure are more susceptible to these side effects and should consult with their doctor before apply magnesium oil to the skin or taking any other kind of magnesium supplement.

Overdose Signs

There is also a possibility to over dose this supplement and the signs are as follows:

Changes in Mental Status

The over dose toxicity could cause mental irritability and uneasiness, mood changes and chemical imbalance.


The person can become nauseous and uncomfortable.


It could cause diarrhea.

Loss of Appetite

Loss of appetite could be experienced.

Muscle Weakness

The person experiences weakness, lethargy and lack of muscle strength.

Difficulty Breathing

Breathing might become difficult and uneasy.

Extremely Low Blood Pressure

The blood pressure could drop dramatically.

 Irregular Heartbeat

It could cause irregular heartbeat patterns as a sign of overdose and toxicity.

The information provided on this page and other pages of this website are intended for general knowledge purposes and you should always consult your physician for using this supplement.

Magnesium Oil Side Effects are rare as we have mentioned. Nevertheless it is very important to be aware of them and always check with your professional medical health practitioner to be sure it is safe for you to take upon using supplementation through different resources we have explained. Please see Disclaimer for more information.